The Inner Kitchen
The Inner Kitchen
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What does unconditional love mean? The Inner Kitchen is a celebrated journey sparked by this very question. Defining the power of nutrition with intention, this book guides you to a healthful state of mind and body. Learn how eating whole, organic foods will make you feel whole again. Soul work on the most profound level, The Inner Kitchen helps you to create mindful dishes that produce inner and outer healing. A pursuit for personal healing incorporating over thirty years of experience and a passion for spiritual and physical health deeply inspired this work. Using organic foods, Laurel Herman weaves a thought-provoking look at how we address our most important issues. Her enthusiasm for working with foods—color, texture, and taste—shines through as a testimony to the beauty found in simplicity and intention. These gluten-free recipes are quick and easy to follow. A timely piece, this book is perfect for what ails us on every level


Healing Touch and Food in The Inner-Kitchen

The power we possess to affect our lives and the lives of others is a vast and untapped resource. This power is found in anticipating the needs of others. Being there with a gentle touch, warm smile, or while looking into someone’s eyes, we communicate at the soul level.
The Inner-Kitchen is not just a place where we create meals; it is also a place where we can heal. The prescription is the unconditional love put into every encounter we have with another. It brings compassion, hope, and deeper understanding. The result is laughter, being moved to tears, feeling loved, or any combination of these emotions. We long for that nourishment to heal unresolved issues and wounds from our past. There is always a portal of opportunity to experience this, we have to look for it and take action. We have to move past the pain, and as we find the truth, healing begins.
As we cleanse our bodies through the way we eat, these things will come naturally and without much effort. Thoughts that go into the food we serve ourselves and loved ones become part of that healing touch. Nutrition with intention reaches us on a cellular level so we can manifest change in our bodies. Through this practice, amazing results will be seen in the body, mind, and spirit. In Eastern wisdom, food and medicine are inseparable. In The Inner-Kitchen, what we eat can treat.

Laurel Herman began her career early, leading to a lifelong love affair with food. Her formal culinary training was completed at Thames Valley University in London. She started working with organics and was then introduced to gluten-free living. She soon restored her health and vitality by following a nutritious, gluten-free diet.
Laurel has a passion for organic foods, healthful eating, and unconditional self-love. She regularly offers workshops, coaching, and classes to both educate and inspire others. Laurel’s joy is to practice her craft with loving and healing hands for those she serves. A Virginia resident, she is a student of the Science of Mind philosophy and several healing modalities. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her dog Benny and bunny James Bond.


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