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FREE to FLY is the experience and journey of my own Infinite recognition. It is about what I know to be real. As Gandhi did with a nation and a people, FREE to FLY offers you an unfolding discovery of your full and absolute ownership of your world. From a Biblical view point, there is a discovering of why responsibility and its consequences were created. That there is nothing to resist because all is actually an illusion; nothing is real but you the believer-Consciousness. Imagine running to your own feelings of vulnerability and embracing it as your Infinite Self and power. Imagine that you are the all, and only presence and power in and of your world. Knowing that every moment you are unto yourself, and in reality only experiencing Infinite Consciousness. What if this was really practical and real? Well it really is. It is simply and naturally who you really are. Who you are in reality is the power that not only creates the entire illusion of the physics of the Universe, but holds all in its illusionary state. It is your Infinite Self believing that gives attention to that which does not exist, and gives it the illusion of reality. This is the power that you really are. FREE to FLY is about being in real Self recognition and embracing all you really are in your Fantastic Journey!
What I am going to present to you may seem at first to be totally backward from what you have believed in or been taught, but it is all about who you are and your true, natural, effortless, and unlimited state of being. If you want to really know that who you are is actually effortless, unlimited, and even infinite, read on. If what you believe is your power, what you believe is also your owner. Yes, that means who you are and the quality of your life and experience are subject to what you believe in. Your real power is really and actually in the knowing, accepting, and understanding that you are simply the believer, unattached to any particular thing in which you could believe and its projected, desired outcome. Hear that again: your power is simply that you are the believer. You are the creator. You are Consciousness. There is no power outside of who you are. That is really all there is to know. Every thing that you see, every thing that you experience is what You-Consciousness are and have created to appear in your world. Yes, everything you feel and experience is because of you the believer. You are always Infinite Consciousness, and you are always the believer. This believing is all power. So you claim your power back from believing that any thing is real. You take ownership that you are the believer; and you claim this power that is your very infinite nature and essence back to you. Being in this recognition of who you really are is what this claiming really is. This recognition is what life is all about. Understand that when you think that you are looking out, or outside of yourself, you are really looking within. Your absolute reality is always staring you straight in the face, hiding in plain view, the very reality that is what and who you are. It is the reality that you are experiencing. You are experiencing you as the power of conscious belief being felt. Claiming your infinite essence and power, is to simply be in recognition that it is always your Infinite Consciousness and True Self that you feel and recognize. What you always feel and experience is your Self, your essence, your Infinite Idea, that is You-Consciousness. It is so fantastically, wonderfully amazing. So this is what recognizing, welcoming, and claiming your power back to you is really all about. To live in reality, what is real and what is only always real, is to break completely free from all of the descriptions. Yes, even that which you consider to be truths. Because everything is about who you really are. Descriptions and truths can't limited you when you live in your reality; because they can't define you. You don't need to follow them to be, to support and confirm who you are. You are really unlimited. That means unconditionally fully unlimited. Truths and descriptions follow you and your unlimited nature.
For 30 years I have experienced a wide range of spiritual teachings, both institutional and non-traditional. I have come from traditional biblical training to small religious sects of belief, some eastern philosophy, to Metaphysical and Science of Mind. I have a wide range of experiences and have been ordained by some of my new age teachers with the Universal Brotherhood. I have sought out and applied what I know to be True and Real. I have allowed myself to be the living human experiment for what is real. I understand that Words of "truth" become simple idioms and those words and concepts like Enlightenment and Consciousness are cache phrases that get lost in their overuse. Living your life fully is to be able to totally and completely love, accept, and experience ALL OF YOU AND WHO YOU ARE. This in reality, is living life totally free as your unlimited experience. Knowing as rare as it is to say that; nothing is impossible, some things are, in reality. Just one of them is that it is absolutely impossible to feel, experience, and know anything of your world that is not you and your Consciousness. This is the vantage point that life must be lived from if one wishes to live to its fullest and in your joy. I am everything that I have been looking for and so are you.

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