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By Lou Antonetti

While living the “code of conduct” in our high school of over 2,400 students, it was easy to see that procedures can only be enforced when the principles behind them are fully understood. The human side of education is something that is lacking as we prepare for state assessments and bring attention to those who conduct themselves inappropriately. The microcosm of a world we live in within our schools sometimes makes us rigid and non-trusting due to the need to control student behavior. We have found in our high school that student disciplinary referrals decreased by 50% because of the trust that was achieved with our students. By using life lessons in the formal, curriculum based education process, you not only promote good morals and values, but you remind people that there is a bigger picture. The weekly messages, quotes and vignettes contained in this book will hopefully inspire you to not only be a better educator, student or coach but also a better person for your family, friends and co-workers. It is important to reflect on our behavior since our reputation is based on our daily interactions and habits. I have never heard of anyone who has bought back their reputation once it was lost. Leadership by example, at home and in the workplace, along with an “ego-less” demeanor, will allow us to be great leaders, both in our schools and personal lives.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Robert Linz

Godspeed: Riding Out the Recession chronicles the author’s experience of a solo bicycle trek of over 14,000 miles around the USA. Departing from his home in Cincinnati, Ohio on Memorial Day of 2011, he returned just over a year later after promising his Dad that he would be back home in time to celebrate his 90th birthday.

Seeing adversity as an opportunity, the journey was his response to the crippling effect of the recession upon his work as a carpenter/contractor. Renting his home and shutting down all of his expenses, he created a food and lodging budget of $15/day. Maps and smart phone were the major expenses of his experience.

“Wild camping” his way around the country, he shares the curious and compelling nature of how people and events showed up for him along the way. Was it simply a journey or a journey created? At the very least it became a pilgrimage that confirmed many of his core beliefs and, in subtle ways, changed others.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Rodney Scharboneau

Our Spiritual Athletic Journey introduces many powerful ideas for making the most of our athletic experience. Our mission as the coaches and parents of young athletes has always been aligned with and deeply rooted in spirituality. Applying the spiritual principles in this book will lead any coach, parent, or athlete to a peaceful and fulfilling place that has much less to do with win-loss records and championships and has everything to do with accessing divine direction.

Discover seven impactful messages that will give you practical tools for replacing cutthroat competitive ways with creative methods for building self-esteem which are one with true spirit. Find out what wonderful things happen—like success and victory—when we decide to create instead of compete, to tap in to the true source energy of our teams, to replace fear with love, and to faithfully look forward to the next play.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Michael W. Kovarik

Healing Within...

...came to be from my journey with breast cancer. This healing passage evolved over a few years. It did not present itself right away, but transpired when I was ready for it to begin. First, I had to become conscious of this path and perfect a balance within.
With my initial diagnosis, I gave full authority to my traditional doctors, a traditional drug therapy, and fear. It would take a second discovery of this illness to fuse me with my heart and soul.
My journey to heal within drew me to a path reaching the deepest caverns of my being. It was a remarkable awakening of my ability to hear the whispers of my inner voice as it guided me to who I truly am to be.
It is this disease, so grounded in dread and fear, that had the power to awaken me to my heart, my soul, and the quest they were guiding me to be part of. Its precious gift, life: a full life.

“When listening to our inner voice, we embrace its message, treasure its guidance, and trust its love. This comforting, intimate instrument gently guides us in discovering our authentic self, one’s genuine life path, and the potential we possess to truly heal within.”
— Michael W. Kovarik

FORMAT: Softcover
By John Flaherty
Addiction Unplugged: How to Be Free acknowledges that for far too long, we have all been playing out a victim consciousness, convincing ourselves that dependency and powerlessness are absolutely fundamental to the human condition. Nowhere is this belief more deeply ingrained than in the world of addiction and in the traditional treatment and recovery programs available to the masses. Drawing on modern-day scientific discoveries, ancient spiritual wisdom, and real-life testimonies, John Flaherty presents readers with the practical means to move beyond the drama of addictive behaviors; leading the way out from victim mentality and into a more compelling, spiritually liberating, and empowered way of living. Warm and inspirational, this profound message comes into your life when you need it desperately. It brings you to a new level of conscious awareness and helps you uncover the judgments, beliefs, and thoughts that have kept you fearful, limited, and suppressed. Addiction Unplugged: How to Be Free is a book for the twenty-first century. It is a radical departure from the traditional ways of treating addictions, presenting revolutionary new insights and groundbreaking processes which open the way to an entirely different experience of yourself.
By Narelle Green

Colour can assist you to overcome limitations in your day-to-day life. You can use colour to change and harmonize the subtle energy around you that can be felt but not seen. Colour is a natural healer and a vibrational remedy that can balance and transform conditions in your life, as well as maximise your potential. Colour is coded with information that supports and sustains energy, whatever you need: comfort, strength, guidance, wisdom, healing, prosperity, and love—it is all there and so much more. It is not a mystery or miracle, simply a mindful balance of energy. Connect with Colour gives you tools and shows you how to change your energy and your outcome.

“Narelle is truly one of life's remarkably gifted people. Her understanding of colour goes beyond mind. Narelle discovered that light was a living energy, alive, carrying intelligent information, and creating life, and she wanted to share this with others when she founded Soul Colour. Narelle says: ‘Colour naturally balances, transforms and energizes matter. When all the colours of the spectrum are in harmony, pristine light or pure energy is formed, and this is the vibration love is carried on. Living colour is real energy. Colour can assist us to go beyond the thinking mind, to transcend duality, and to merge with your own divinity.’ Narelle’s knowledge on colour touches the deepest part of your being and can guide you to a deeper awakening within yourself.”
– Rosemary Butterworth, author of How to Move Forward, Leave Your Thoughts Behind

By Cari L. Murphy

Cari Murphy cordially invites you on a journey
of remembrance and self-discovery.

“As you read Treasures of Heaven, you will be taken into a journey of possibilities. This is a book you won’t want to put down—each page is filled with layers of insight and knowledge. Discover the answers to your greatest challenges and release the fear, worry, and anxiety keeping you from the life you desire! In a nutshell, Cari Murphy has done it again!”
—Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, author of The Power of Self-Healing

“You will remember your power, purpose, and potential more fully than ever after reading this transformational book! The divinely inspired insights are profound, yet practical. Give yourself the gift of igniting your light. Cari reminds us of our birthright—to create heaven on earth.”
—Sunny Dawn Johnston, author of Invoking the Archangels: A Nine-Step Process
to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul

“Treasures of Heaven weaves masterfully profound wisdom and practical tools into a tapestry of hope and empowerment. Cari takes you on a transformational journey that expands your consciousness, lightens your heart, and enhances your ability to tap into your infinite potential! This is a must-read!”
—Dr. Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD, author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution

“Current evidence strongly points to a dimension of our mind that is infinite in space and time, and therefore immortal and eternal. This book opens the door to this domain and leads us to this awareness. If you are looking for greater joy and fulfillment in your life, don’t deny yourself this journey.”
—Larry Dossey, MD, author of ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part
of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

FORMAT: Softcover
By Dave Markowitz

The needs of the self-aware are different. Many of us are overly empathic, and many are extra sensitive to certain foods, medicines, situations, and people.
If you have physical or emotional ailments, are overweight, have allergies, or are inexplicably lethargic, unfocused, or feeling lost, there is a reason. Your energetic sensitivities likely have caused you to take on the pain, unhappiness, and other disease of the people around you. Self-Care for the Self-Aware provides a solution specifically tailored for you and your uncommon healing needs.
If you've done way too many traditional, alternative, or complementary healing modalities and at best have only achieved temporary relief, Self-Care for the Self-Aware is for you. You'll learn a process specific to the self-aware to heal ourselves, so we can better serve others.

By Valerie David

An A-Z Pocket Guide to Personal Transformation is a uniquely simple and fun way to begin your journey towards freedom. This little pocket guide provides 26 inspiring steps along with classic Scriptures from the New International Version to help you to begin your journey of creating the type of life that you desire and that is your divine birthright. There are so many ways to begin a transformation; however, the A-Z Guide provides a simple approach with profound meaning. The hope of this book is that it will help you to begin your journey towards freedom.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Mark C. Crowley

Our common belief in business is that the heart has no place in workplace management.

In fact, most of us were taught that the heart acts like Kryptonite in leadership: it inherently undermines a manager’s effectiveness – and lowers productivity and profitability.

In this stunning and groundbreaking work, however, engagement expert, Mark C. Crowley, provides irrefutable proof that we were wrong.

Crowley begins by showing us how traditional leadership practices are failing. Across the globe, employee engagement and job satisfaction scores have fallen to crisis levels. According to astonishing research from Gallup, 70% of the US workforce is now disengaged.

It once was that a job and a paycheck kept workers satisfied and productive. Today, pay barely makes the list of what inspires people to put their hearts into their work and contribute to their highest capacity.

Right before our eyes, human beings have evolved in what they need and want in exchange for work. 21st Century employees are seeking to find purpose, meaning and feelings of significance. What drives their engagement is feeling valued, respected, developed and cared for.

Crowley’s profound insight draws upon recent medical science discoveries which prove it’s the heart, and not the mind, that drives human motivation and achievement.

There’s nothing soft about Lead From The Heart. It represents the future of workplace management and a roadmap to driving uncommon engagement, productivity and profitability.

FORMAT: Softcover