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By Juliette Looye
Evie’s Adventure is a new kind of story for all the new kids on this planet and for all their parents too! The story is called a “parapple” because it’s a parable about an apple. The apple’s name is Evie, but it could just as well be Stevie because Evie’s story is for everyone—boys and girls alike. Evie’s home is the Tree of Life in a beautiful Garden called EVEN. Everything in EVEN is perfectly balanced and complete, and so is Evie’s life there. Evie loves her home in the Garden. And she loves the Tree of Life so much that every day, she sings the same song: “I am in the Tree, and the Tree is in me. We are One and the same. Just as the Tree holds me in its heart, I hold the Tree in mine. We are together forever and as far as I can see.” And that is how it is for a very long time, until Evie decides to become a girl called Neve and have an adventure on Earth. Neve learns many new and important things on Earth—but what she remembers is the most important thing of all.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Jessica Kliskey

Healthy Foods = Healthy Moods offers readers a natural approach to healing with a focus on children and food allergies. The author puts forward her personal story of turmoil and triumph over the illness and emotional struggles of her son. Learn her approach to improved health and wellness for you and your family. Unknown food allergies are the root cause of: Irritable Bowel Fatigue Attention Deficit Disorder Stomach Pain Headaches Joint Pain; and many more common symptoms that are plaguing your health.

These symptoms are not normal and can be proven to be relieved by balanced nutrition and making simple healthy lifestyle changes.

Learn how doing an elimination diet will present you with insight and understanding of how the typical American diet is loaded with sugar, refined processed carbohydrates, and unhealthy preservatives that cause inflammation. When you heal the body by ridding the inflammation-causing foods, you will be amazed at the results. When you eat healthy you increase immunity, which gives you and your child the best chance to fight disease. Increased energy, better mental health, improved digestion, and enhanced sleep will ultimately improve academics, relationships, careers, activity and exercise. What have you got to lose besides some bloating, gas, or possibly some extra unwanted pounds? Learn that we are what we eat!”

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FORMAT: Softcover
By Ryan Domenick

To the rationalist, the skeptic, the philosopher. To the faithless, the prodigal, the disillusioned. To the broken, the beaten, the betrayed. To the follower grasping in the dark for answers. To the earnest seeker of truth.

The problem of evil is not new. How is an omnibenevolent, omniscient, omnipotent God compatible with this world? The answers offered by great philosophers and theologians through the centuries are plentiful. Come along on a search for something new; something better. The answers will be found in time.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Sharon Houghton
This book is dedicated to the thousands of people searching for truth in Spirituality. Sharon has been called a mystic and a visionary for the past fifteen years. She has helped thousands of individuals and families find peace in the love of Christ and Mary, his mother. Here are only some of the stories that she has experienced in the fifteen years of being a mystic.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Joyce Basso

Short Stories with moral lessons: some humorous, others serious; all with supporting scriptures.

There are times when words make us feel, peaceful, like we’re home again. We sit back and the words radiate through us like a warm sun rising through a screen porch lulling us to be still and witness God’s creations. At other times words cause us to bear witness to the fact that things are also chaotic, unknowable, anxiety producing. Being still—in the midst of this chaos, finding the beauty in God’s creation—can be a Herculean effort. It takes humility, knowing that we don’t always have the answers, knowing that only divine guidance lead us back home. Life Seems Simple on the Surface illustrates this beautifully. Joyce Basso takes us on a journey: her voice, soft or raised, happy or cantankerous, is always seeking out that space of tranquility, the peace of God’s grace that one can only find when pretenses fall away and like an onion, layers of truth are angrily exposed forcing us to be still and bare witness. Basso wants to quickly make three things very clear: She is devoted to God, always seeking to be led by Him; she is fallible, daily she seeks grace; and she spends a lot fabricating conversations for animals. If you’re having a bad day, or are in need of a quick change of perspective, pick up Life Seems Simple on the Surface and allow Basso to take you back home.

— Gary Matthews

Assistant Professor, English, Tougaloo

FORMAT: Softcover
By Monica Coral Hemstock

This first book in the series The Moose Lake Chronicles sets the stage for the unfolding adventures of Angela, Carrie, and Roland as they brave the winter weather, bullies, wolves, haunted houses and the oftentimes very embarrassing adults and siblings that are an everyday aspect of their lives in the Northern mining town of Moose Lake.

There is more to this one-hotel one-cinema town than meets the eye. Though set in the twenty-first century, Moose Lake is unique in that technology is limited and children do not text or carry cell phones. Families sit down together in the evenings and discuss things while eating dinner, and children run from house to house and garden to garden as though they are living in the 1950s. Nature is predominant and retains its mystery.

In Moose Lake, the ordinary elements of everyday life are colourful in and of themselves. However, it soon becomes clear that while the majority of characters, especially the adults, are oblivious to the magic in their town, some of the children are seeing another realm; a realm that is not super-imposed or parallel, but co-exists and is merely invisible to the majority of adults.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Christine Hardy

What you’ll discover in the book:

Filled with insightful messages and written in a personal and engaging style, Unlock Your Victory Code: The Key to Hope, Perseverance, and Triumph will guide your transformation from frustrated to fantastic!

Exercises and questionnaires steer you towards achieving your personal goals—from physical well-being to finding your purpose in life. The text includes everything from living a mindful life to living joyfully, healthfully, and abundantly in any circumstance.

This engaging workbook will help you identify and change your self-defeating behavior patterns in order to become a successful, fulfilled person. Through positive, encouraging messages, the author of Unlock Your Victory Code, Christine Hardy, provides step-by-step, achievable instructions to help you become the triumphant person you always knew you could be. Reading this book is the first step in your journey towards a happy, purposeful, and victorious life.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Paul Drouin

A family tragedy—the loss of his youngest brother at age eighteen from an osteosarcoma of the skull—triggered Dr. Drouin’s interest in studying medicine. Unsatisfied with the model of healing he encountered in medical school, he explored many other models of medicine that eventually led him to practice what is now called integrative medicine. He soon realized that for these complementary medicines to be accepted and integrated into our health care system, they must be scientifically recognized and become part of the curriculum in medical schools.

The entire foundation of our approach to health and disease must be redefined through a deeper understanding of reality as described by quantum physics. Dr. Drouin’s initial quest has evolved into the creation of a medical and natural medicine curriculum that embraces this new paradigm of healing and the foundation of the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (Quantum University).

The cost of an incomplete model of understanding in medicine has enormous consequences in the management of chronic and mind-related disease. Creative integrative medicine addresses the real questions and offers a solution to the present crisis in health care.

“Dr. Paul Drouin is a true hero for writing this long overdue book. Finally, people are being told the truth about health, healing, and alternative treatments. This book has sound scientific proof to empower you back to true ‘health’ care instead of ‘sick’ care. Read and learn.”
—Joe Dispenza, DC, New York Times best-selling author of You Are the Placebo and Evolve Your Brain

FORMAT: Softcover
By Suzanne Rivard

What can you do today to live the life you want—to be happier? How to put an end to self-criticism? How would your life be different if you believed in yourself?

Suzanne Rivard addresses these questions, bringing you fifteen strategies to feel happier about yourself and the world around you. These strategies represent a balanced approach to promoting internal peace and harmony within you, creating the life you deserve.

Inside you’ll discover how to

  • break free from negative thinking;
  • transform emotional pain;
  • change the way you see yourself;
  • live a life you value and enjoy;
  • commit yourself to what you care about; and
  • deepen your relationships.

“Offers its readers personal, step-by-step procedures on how to define what you are looking for and how to communicate it. Suzanne takes you on a little road trip based on her family and worldly experiences in order to illustrate the life lessons she is promoting. It is a fun, gentle read that will offer its readers a simplified path to a more productive and happier you.”—William Porter, DAc

“A short read and a great message; the information in this book can help you unlock the life you want.” —Jamie Fehr, hypnotherapist, facilitator, and speaker

FORMAT: Softcover