“Mary Ann Wasil's hilariously touching account of her battle with breast cancer will have you laughing even as you're reaching for the tissue box. “ At the time of my diagnosis, I scoured the bookstores and internet for stories that would lift me up, tell me this was do-able. I found very few. My story is your story, as long as your story is filled with unflinching hope. Since I can’t be right beside you to hold your hand and tell you “you can do this,” I hope this book will be the next-best-thing.
Wallpaper Whizzie is a cheeky and loveable square of wallpaper. Step inside Heidi and Kevin’s house, and follow Wallpaper Whizzie’s exciting adventures. Will Wallpaper Whizzie come to a sticky end? Will he end up with the wicked Wallpaper Woppies on the rubbish dump? Will he choose to stay with Heidi and Kevin, or will he finally reach the Castle in the Air and find perfect happiness? Here is the front door; come in and find out!
Before discovering the world, it’s more exciting to discover the incredible world within your inner being. Are you striving to achieve your goals and attain abundance in health, wealth, inner peace, and happiness? This transformational journey guides you into your limitless potential, natural self-healing abilities, inner beauty, and your essence of peace, love, joy, and abundance.
MARY ANN WEAKLEY, who was first a nun, then an ex-nun, searched for spirituality in and out of the convent. She found empowerment in courageous decision-making when starting her life over. Anyone faced with a painful life change, whether domestic, religious, or occupational, will find encouragement in this story of a woman who overcame fear of an unknown future with a valiant spirit