Ascension is an inspiring story of how to heal your life mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This transformational book contains three sections. Section I explores the shadow self that develops within a family afflicted with addiction, narcissism or other forms of abuse and spiritual darkness. Section II, by sharing excerpts from her re-awakening and the divine guidance that led her to a path of healing. The final section is dedicated to writing new chapters in your book of life.
" this memoir, Diana Scanlan leads you on a spiritual journey from the United Kingdom to an entirely new continent, where she met her soulmate and life partner. Diana has always felt a strong connection with the universe and the earth, but it was not until she began paying attention to messages, insights, and lessons from her last life that she was able to overcome the toughest challenges in this one. "
Balboa Press author Diane Haworth talks about how she kept motivated as she wrote her book, "How To Choose Love When You Just Want To Slap Somebody." She shares how she felt when she got in the mindset to write, and how Balboa Press offered support when publishing her book.
Author Greg Frucci talks about the lessons he learned about himself on a spontaneous sailing adventure. He also explains how this inspiration led him to write “Path of Three Hundred.”