Hear psychotherapist, Priscilla Griffin, story of a woman who was extremely depressed, actively suicidal, and had a secret she wanted no one to discover: she had multiple personalities. This book is a gripping account of her deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings.
How to Find Your Inner Glow is a step-by-step guided meditation—and more. It is a quick and easy method leading you to the gateway of inner peace and divine unity. Babaji reveals a beautiful, divine message as he appears to Geri in the early hours of the morning in out-of-body encounters.
Amy Stewart talks about her book "The Living Rainbow" that is a magical journey through our chakra system and our eternal connection to God. While uniting eastern and western philosophies, enjoy a whimsical tale about a child who is shown the interconnectedness between himself and all of life’s wonders.
Are you over-scheduled, focused on the past, or over-emotional? Qualified counsellor Phoebe Hutchison wants to help you live your best possible life. In this guide, she shares easy-to-use strategies to help you.