If life is just a dream, can you change
your life plan with awareness?
Can you change the past—or the future?
What if you knew the key to turn your
Dreams into your living reality?
Are you yearning for ways to make a difference and feel more fulfilled? Do you feel like something's missing in your life but don't know what it is? This book provides the tools so people can figure out their own unique purpose, their own unique leadership gifts to make a difference and contribute to the world. From Type A to Type T provides an in-depth guide to making changes personally and professionally.
Author Beth Tiger who wrote the book “Rising from the Ashes of Divorce” talks about her experience promoting her self-published book with the marketing services from Balboa Press. She explains how she used the resources and tools offered to Balboa Press authors to further promote her book, which led to Tiger landing radio interviews and an appearance on Bravo TV.
Balboa Press author Marguerite Vardman used the principles she learned while working in medicine for 33 years to cope with the tragic death of her fiancé. She utilized her degree as an interfaith hospital chaplain to create a step-by-step approach to help readers heal their hearts after the deaths of loved ones in her book “Message from Daddy.”